The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure

by Alberto Savoia

When you are thinking of a new idea there is so much to consider, but having tools to help make the process easier is just what this book does. It provides tools to help you see if your idea can be successful and how to navigate pivoting. 

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle

by Emily Nagoski PhD, Amelia Nagoski DMA

This book seriously helped me cope with so much in my life that I couldn't control. I found better ways to manage my stress and stop setting unrealistic expectations on myself.  It's a must read. 

The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

Sometimes we tend to forget the power we have, unlock that with the amazing former first lady and her beautifully worded book The Light We Carry.  

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Learn all about the former first lady and how she managed her day to day, her upbringing and the love and community she has around her. 

Unblocked by Alison McCauley

This book will help you understand how Blockchain technology can work for different entities and how it will impact the future of the way we do everything. 

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

This book not only taught me so much about myself it also taught me how to get the most out of books. Make sure you check out The Gifts of Imperfection.